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Gramophone needles tins collectors knew her. Before the creation of her website, this is how Pascal and others choose the tins they would buy from her : simply wonderful, isn’it ?

When I began to buy tins from her, she had changed to a new technology  : coulor photocopies ! However, she would certainly not have sent simple sheet of paper, she enlarged the copies and cut the tins out one after the other before sending them !

Once she had become comfortable with internet, Ruth Lambert was the first to send all over the world her Christmas wishes made of compositions of her most beautiful tins.

Many collectors of gramophone needles tins met Ruth during the famous Musica Mechanica fair in Rüdesheim am Rhein in Germany. In this humble hall, Ruth stood queenly on the stage with a very nice stand. Her husband Ric was with her and and kept a benevolent attention to the stand while we where bargaining. Ruth was tough in trading, her prices were high since she knew that what she was offering was rare and of high quaiity. Collectors had to make painful choices… But what was the most fascinating  and compelled our respect was Ruth’ outstanding knowledge about tins, their origin, their history. 

The « Queen of the tins », as one of us affectionately named her, died January 31, 2005 of cancer that deprived us much too soon of her company, her knowledge and her correspondance we used to wait for impatiently. Thank you so much, Pascal, to share these letters with us !

I wrote this text in February 2010 for the website of Pascal Frioud, gramophones collector.